Typing is one of the essential skills one should have nowadays. As the technology widens its steps in our routine life through social media and digital marketing, typing is as necessary as learning computers.

In the late 90s, type writers were hired specially for typing work. It was a trend to go for typing classes and typist job was the most popular job. Even people felt proud of attaining a degree in typing. In this era of technology, where typing is involuntary, keeping the above mentioned requirements in mind, parents have started their children to learn typing right from the childhood.

There are many admirable touch typing games available in the market, and Typing Fingers is one of them through which beginners can practice and learn typing. Typing Fingers is the unique and fun-filled way to learn typing.

It has some uniquely manufactured features which makes it stand apart from others, like: –

  • Typing Fingers has an attractive design that consists of colored fingers and keyboard that helps to find out the right position of the user’s fingers. Moreover, it’s soothing and peaceful music allows children and beginners to learn typing.

  • Secondly it comes with an attractive voice over of Dennis, the Tutor. Dennis will be there for you at every level of the game, guiding you.

  • Typing Fingers come with 32 tutor levels that help you learn typing with all letters, numbers and common symbol. Each level consists of two modes.

  1. One is for learning, in which our tutor Dennis will teach you to memorize letters and symbols and to practice them with the correct motion of fingers. 

  2. Next mode is the game mode which comprises of three root levels namely simple mode, Pinball mode and rocket mode. Thus, children would have fun by shooting different kinds of falling characters with rocket and pinball.

  •  This app can be accessed from any of the control device like keyboard, mouse and finger touch or with wireless keyboard, if iPad.

  • Typing Fingers comes with a language switch over facility of about 7 different languages namely English, German, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Czech. Dennis, the tutor will speak to you in your preferred language and teach you to type with ten fingers. All the tutorials and the voice will be completely localized according to your preference. Whenever the language is changed, appearance of Dennis and the layout of keyboard is also changed.

  • This app is designed to develop the mental growth of children along with typing skills. Our symmetrical super-learning technique helps to activate both the brain hemispheres equally.

  • A font changing and speed control facility of falling characters is also given which helps the special kids also to learn and improve their typing skills.

  • Now, if you are done with all your tutorials then it’s time for your examination. Typing Fingers will take the rewriting an article test to measure the speed of the character typing.

  • Typing Fingers provides the beautiful Foriero Diploma to every student after their successful completion of the final test and completion of all levels so that it might help them in future.

  • Typing Fingers app comes in free and paid version. The first three levels will be provided free of cost in the free version.

  • Typing Fingers, a learning game for kids, is developed as a multi-platform game and is available in all leading online app store including android, iPhone, Mac and Windows.

Get the Typing Fingers app and be a master in typing.